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Our Why

College athletes are the undoubted bedrock of the college sports market, which is worth tens of billions of dollars. Yet, until now, these athletes were prohibited from making even a penny in this tremendous economy. While athletic departments and administrators profited, some college athletes barely made ends meet. BAFA's goal is simple: provide opportunities for athletes to profit off of their NIL while making sure that businesses are able to capture the complete value of the athletes' influence.

Our How

The value of college athletes is stronger in groups as opposed to individuals. However, because of how new this market is, we found there wasn't yet an entity that existed that could leverage the entire collective NIL value of college sports teams. Since we couldn't find a way, we decided to make a way, and BAFA was born. We can utilize aggie teams, position groups, and any other collectively-based NIL value we have in a few different methods of service to reach our goal, and those are:

Promotional Media-Influencer Marketing Services, Social Media Ads, etc.

Appearances- Autograph Signings, Meet & Greets, etc

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Experiences- Football Camps, Special Events, etc

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Sponsorships- Charity Events, Team NIL Promotional Usage, etc

In addition to these revenue generating activities, we aim to use our NIL Value to promote and help support good causes. That is why we have partnered with several local non-profits to consistently support them in various ways.


If you are someone who wants to support us, or utilize any of the services we provide, check out our services page to learn more!

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